• Complete Gigabot 3+ Upgrade Retrofit Kit

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  • re:3D Inc. would like to ensure the best 3D printing and user experience possible to all Gigabot owners.

    *Please refer to the Important Product Notice in the product description below to identify which required upgrades you will need with your Complete Gigabot 3+ Upgrade Retrofit Kit.

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Important Product Notice

If your Gigabot has a Viki 1.0 LCD, please select the Viki LCD 2.0 Upgrade Kit options.

 Your upgrade kit will come with an Azteeg X3 Pro Controller 


The Complete Gigabot 3+ Retrofit Upgrade

The GB3+ upgrade includes everything you need to improve your user experience, print quality, and machine lifespan! All upgrade kits give your Gigabot dual extrusion capabilities.

NOTE: Ships within three weeks of purchase. 


Your Complete Gigabot 3+ Retrofit Kit Includes:

For your: Standard and XL Gigabot 3.0 w/ Dual Extruders:

  • Upgraded GB3+ Right and Left Extruder
  • Upgrade Print Bed Side Plate - with all hardware
  • Bed Leveling Knob Kit
  • LED Light Kit
  • GB3+ Viki Enclosure
  • New! GB3+ Filament Spool Holders
  • Upgraded Filament Tubing
  • re:3D Logo Corner Plate
  • Gigabot 3+ Name Plate
  • Azteeg X3 Pro Controller

For your: Standard and XL Gigabot 3.0 w/ Single Extruder:

Everything from the above kit plus:

  • Extruder motor and filament drive gear, right side Hot End, right side Thermocouple, and right side Filament Detection
  • Dual Extruder Heater Cartridges
  • Dual Extruder Fans with Duct

For your: Standard and XL Gigabot 2.0:

Everything from the above kits plus:

  • Completely New Trolley Assembly
    • Cable Carriers and Carrier Mounts for all three axis (X,Y, & Z) {all wiring, panduit, and hardware included}
    • Upper Z-Limit Switch Relocation - with all hardware
    • Lower Z-Limit Switch - with all hardware
    • Power Button Relocation
    • Thermocouple Upgrade
    • Polycarbonate Center Panels - with all hardware
    • Hole Punch 
    • Upgraded Firmware