Complete Gigabot 3+ Upgrade Retrofit Kit


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Important Product Notice

If your Gigabot has a Viki 1.0 LCD, please select the Viki LCD 2.0 Upgrade Kit options.

 Your upgrade kit will come with an Azteeg X3 Pro Controller 


The Complete Gigabot 3+ Retrofit Upgrade

The GB3+ upgrade includes everything you need to improve your user experience, print quality, and machine lifespan! All upgrade kits give your Gigabot dual extrusion capabilities. We recommend that you send in your Gigabot to our Houston factory so the upgrade kit can be installed to factory specifications. In doing so, we will also do a tune-up and testing to ensure it is ready for industrial printing. Please email to make arrangements for this shipment.

NOTE: Ships within three weeks of purchase. 

Your Complete Gigabot 3+ Retrofit Kit Includes:

For your: Standard and XL Gigabot 3.0 w/ Dual Extruders:

  • Upgraded GB3+ Right and Left Extruder
  • Upgrade Print Bed Side Plate - with all hardware
  • Bed Leveling Knob Kit
  • LED Light Kit
  • GB3+ Viki Enclosure
  • New! GB3+ Filament Spool Holders
  • Upgraded Filament Tubing
  • re:3D Logo Corner Plate
  • Gigabot 3+ Name Plate
  • Azteeg X3 Pro Controller

For your: Standard and XL Gigabot 3.0 w/ Single Extruder:

Everything from the above kit plus:

  • Extruder motor and filament drive gear, right side Hot End, right side Thermocouple, and right side Filament Detection
  • Dual Extruder Heater Cartridges
  • Dual Extruder Fans with Duct

For your: Standard and XL Gigabot 2.0:

Everything from the above kits plus:

  • Completely New Trolley Assembly
    • Cable Carriers and Carrier Mounts for all three axis (X,Y, & Z) {all wiring, panduit, and hardware included}
    • Upper Z-Limit Switch Relocation - with all hardware
    • Lower Z-Limit Switch - with all hardware
    • Power Button Relocation
    • Thermocouple Upgrade
    • Polycarbonate Center Panels - with all hardware
    • Hole Punch 
    • Upgraded Firmware

    Installation instructions:

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