• Mondo Hotend

  • Product: [12121]

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  • $150.00

The Mondo hotend allows full speed printing for larger nozzles (0.8mm nozzle at 60mm/s). Larger nozzles require more heat transfer, so we made a larger hot end. Order includes Mondo hotend and insulation, but not fan mounts, does not come with heaters or thermocouples

Designed for 2.85mm filament
Uses 50w heater cartridge
Works with 0.4mm -> 1.2mm nozzles (Optimized for 0.8mm)
Achieve deposition rates up to 160 grams/hr (0.35 lbs/hr)


**Note: Because the Mondo Hotend is a different size configuration from the standard Gigabot Hotend, the Mondo requires a different fan shroud

Mondo printing profiles can be found on our Knowledge Base.

Mondo hotends are now universal, and can fit in both the Left or Right extruder location.