• DIY Gigabot 3+: Parts Kit

    Product: [10956] - 110V

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  • $8,950.00

Everything in three boxes to build your own Gigabot. For more information on the Gigabot line of large-scale, industrial, 3D printers - please see: https://re3d.org/gigabot/

Here at re:3D, we believe that size shouldn’t hold you back. With a build volume of 216,000 cubic centimeters – 30X larger than the leading desktop 3D printer – Gigabot is a tool for problem solvers in the real world. 

Your Gigabot arrives straight to your door in with all the parts you need for assembly. 

Your Gigabot Kit Includes:

  • Instructions to get you up and running
  • 5 lb of PLA Filament
  • Gigabot Tool Kit
  • Heated Bed
  • Viki 2.0 LCD control panel for computer-free 3D printing 
  • Mounted Harness for Viki 2.0 LCD
  • SD Card to transfer printing files to Gigabot
  • Two Z upright alignment tools now included

    Tech Specs

    Technology Fused Filament Fabrication
    Build Volume 590 x 600 x 600mm | 212,400 cubic cm (23.2 x 24 x 24in)
    Layer Resolution 100 Microns (1/10mm or 0.004in)
    Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
    Filament Size 2.85mm
    Materials PLA, ABS, Any thermoplastic melting below 320°C
    Construction Robust Aluminum Cartesian Frame
    Build Plate Precision, Machine-Milled Aluminum
    Stepper Motors NEMA 17 | 72 oz-in | 1.68 A | 1.8° step angle
    Z Precision 2.5 microns
    XY Precision 4 microns
    Features Heated Bed, LCD Viki 2.0 Panel, SD printing, USB printing
    Bot Dimensions 40.5 x 34 x 48in
    Bot with Spool 46 x 34 x 48in
    Parts Kit Box 1 36 x 16 x 16in | 101lbs                                                          
    Parts Kit Box 2 25 x 25 x 2in | 16lbs
    Power 110 V (US) / 220V (European) | 975 Watt | 50/60HZ compatible
    Controls Connect Computer via USB, Standalone via LCD Viki Panel
    Ambient Temp 10-25°C
    Operating Temp Hot-End - 350°C max | Bed-Temp - 100°C max
    Printing Workflow Simplify3D, Slic3r, any open source software
    File Compatibility G-code rendered from .stl (stereolithography)
    Connection Direct USB
    Operating System Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux                                  



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