The ISS Mimic Fully Assembled with wiring and electrical components.

ISS Mimic Full Kit of 3D Printed Parts

ISS Mimic Full Kit (Printed)

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*3D printed parts only, no electrical components*

The ISS-Mimic is an open source project to build a 1% scale model of the International Space Station with rotating joints that mimics the actual on-orbit configuration of the space station in real-time.

For those without access or time to 3D print the full model, order this full kit of all the 3D printed modules included in the Current Build of ISS Mimic  printed on our Gigabot large-format 3D printers out of PETG.

This is only the 3D printed parts for ISS Mimic and does not include the electrical components. Please see the ISS Mimic website for electrical components and assembly information.

Printed to order, please allow a 2 week lead-time for shipping.

re:3D offers a 10% discount for educational uses. Contact to arrange your discount.

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