Series II Metal Body Extruder

12116, 12117

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Our new metal body extruders offer improved functionality and reliability over our previous design made from polycarbonate. Machined from aluminum, the metal body extruders are more robust and easier to operate due to tight tolerances and premium components. Its aluminum construction adds rigidity to the hot end assembly thereby improving the accuracy of the nozzle position during printing. Flexible filaments now print more reliably due to a grooved idler bearing on the tensioner arm guiding it over the extruder drive gear. Lastly, new rotating push-fit connectors reduce the wear on the PTFE filament tubes as the print head moves around the bed during print jobs. These improvements make the new metal body extruder ready to print for decades.

This product is sold as a set of one left extruder and one right extruder. 

All motors are now rated for high temperature operations. Motors ship with replacement cable and connector.

Not pictured is insulation on the touch points of the extruder in the event it is being used in the Gigabox Enclosure.

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